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Breathe New Life into Prayer: The Intercessions Resource Book






  • Description

    Compelled by the belief that a large number of Christians want to come to God with others’ needs, John Pritchard has created this follow-up to his hugely successful volumes, The Intercessions Handbook and The Second Intercessions Handbook


    In a gentle, accessible, style he offers ‘starter’ ideas and introductory material to help those who lead intercessions in public worship and small groups, and aims to open the reader’s imagination to enrich their own style of praying. Everyday language, images and experiences are used in each of the three main sections.


    The first, looking at intercessions in mainstream worship, offers prayers for each of the 12 months, for major festivals and their seasons, for special days, and on themes such as light, storms and fear. The second section provides intercessions for use in informal worship and small groups, while the third, focusing on personal payers, includes a section for extroverts.

  • Details

    Title: Breathe New Life into Prayer: The Intercessions Resource Book

    Author: John Pritchard

    ISBN: 9780281078219

    Publisher: SPCK Publishing

    Date: 2018