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Creation is Groaning


    If, as some scholars attest, Christianity has been complicit in the destruction of the environment, then Christianity can and must also have a role in changing human behavior in a way that helps to solve this massive problem. In Creation is Groaning, a set of highly regarded theologians and Scripture scholars offer a theology and spirituality of creation based on principles of eco-justice and environmental responsibility.

    Contributors to this volume are Denis Edwards, Antoinette Collins, Dermot Nestor, Laurie Woods, Mary Coloe, and Anthony Kelly.

    Key elements of their project include:

    • tracing the development of Israel's view of creation through different historical situations and key writings, with a particular focus on what ethical responsibilities toward creation emerge from its theology
    • examining Israel's theology of Sabbath" and its developing understanding of the end time, thus encompassing creation in its origins and its final destiny
    • considering the cosmic impact of the Jesus event as Paul and John understood it

    Together, the authors establish a firm foundation for a new ethic that promotes the flourishing of all planetary life and a just global community.


    Title: Creation is Groaning: Biblical and Theological Perspectives

    Editor: Mary L Coloe PVBM

    ISBN: 9780814680650

    Publisher: Michael Glazier

    Date: 2013