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Deep, Abiding Love

  • Description

    'All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.'


    Even people who know very little about the 14th-century anchoress Julian of Norwich have heard that famous quote. But what relevance can such certain confidence in God's goodness and love have for us who are faced daily with a divided, hurting world?

    Jennifer Christ draws parallels between Julian’s times and ours and demonstrates how Julian's message of hope and joy in God's never-ending love for us can give us strength and hope.

    Scholars have called Julian a theological optimist. If you need to hear of God’s deep, abiding love for you, and that all shall be well in God’s greater plan for your life, spend time with this book—reading Julian’s words, praying with them, pondering, and journaling, and letting her hope-filled message take root in your heart.

  • Details

    Title: Deep, Abiding Love: Pondering Life’s Depth with Julian of Norwich

    Author: Jennifer Lynn Christ

    ISBN: 9781627853156

    Publisher: Twenty-third publications

    Date: 2017