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Following the Celtic Way

  • Description

    Ian Bradley is Emeritus Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History in the Universityof St Andrews and well known as a preacher, retreat leader, writer and broadcaster. Twenty five years after writing the acclaimed The Celtic Way, Ian Bradley, one of the foremost experts on the spiritual beliefs and practices of the indigenous Christian communities in the British Islesin the early Middle Ages, revisits the original sources and makes a substantial reappraisal of Celtic spirituality.


    Following the Celtic Way challenges many of the myths and romanticised portrayals of Celtic Christianity and shows evidence of the harder edge and demanding austerity of the lives and spirituality of believers from this time.


    The book sits among the most insightful and up-to-date introductions to this distinctive and evocative expression of faith, and draws out its themes that are most relevant to us today. It also offers practical spiritual guidance on how to follow the Celtic Way in the contemporary world.


  • Details

    Title: Following the Celtic Way – A new Assessment of Celtic Christianity

    Author: Ian Bradley

    ISBN: 9780232533415

    Publisher:Darton, Longman & Todd

    Date: 2018