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Foundations of Anglican Evangelicalism in Victoria

  • Description

    For more than half a century, the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne was unquestionably the most rigorously evangelical and missions-oriented diocese in Australia. The Diocese of Sydney, in that same period, was decidedly broader in theological and liturgical practice. How and why did Melbourne move in one direction, while Sydney in the other?

    This study suggests that the answers are to be found in four vital contributors: local churches, evangelical societies, theological colleges, and diocesan bishops. For three broad periods of history between 1847 and 1937, the presence of these four contributors is uncovered, described, and evaluated for the Diocese of Melbourne. Evangelical activism, theological reflection, and leadership are each shown in their contemporary contexts to help us understand how people with gospel passion sought to respond faithfully to their times.

    This is the question of vision, leadership, and strategy at the heart of this study: "What makes for long-term evangelical continuity over a hundred-year period?"

  • Details

    Title: Foundations of Anglican Evangelicalism in Victoria: Four Elements for Continuity, 1847-1937
    Author: Wei-Han Kuan
    ISBN: 9781532682162
    Publisher: Wipf & Stock
    Date: 2019