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Hope: When I Didn't Give Up

  • Description

    Do you know someone who is going through a difficult time? Are they facing a life altering change? Maybe they are struggling to come to terms with something that has happened in their life?

    Just like precious gems are formed by the Earth’s pressures, so to is wisdom gained through life’s many challenges. The Hope book contains a distillation of wisdom borne through life experiences. Experiences that are common to us all. Words used sparingly too are precious gems that can transform someone’s life.

    Words heard at the right time can have a powerful effect and can give us insights into our life that we may never have thought of or realised. May this book find its way into the heart of someone special and may the words bring out the beauty and happiness that they are.

  • Details

    Title: Hope: When I Didn't Give Up
    Author: David and Heidi Cuschieri
    ISBN: 9780987107589
    Publisher: the next big think
    Date: 2012