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  • Description

    This lovely little gift book about approaching and praying with icons everyday has over 60 full color images of Sr. Faith’s icons, each paired with a scripture and an inspirational word. Experience how these beautiful icons help us live a good life, what they have to offer, what they did for Sr. Faith, and what they can do for you.


    Icons are an invitation to go beyond our world; to take a moment to look as through a window into heaven. The space they create gives us a wonderful and open access to reach out toward God and know him deeply in a new way. They are meant to enrich our spiritual lives. They were created to touch and form us and have an ability to soothe and confront where necessary. They provide a place to gather our wandering attention and direct it toward God.

  • Details

    Title: Icons: The Essential Collection

    Author: Sr Faith Riccio, DJ

    ISBN: 9781612618319

    Publisher: Paraclete Press

    Date: 2016