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Reimagining Britain

  • Description

    In a time of political turbulence, and as the Welfare State totters under the strain of a country that has changed dramatically since 1945, Archbishop Justin Welby sets out to identify the values that will enable us to reimagine, and to enact, a more hopeful time.


    The author draws on Britain's history and its Christian tradition to identify foundational values and the building blocks necessary to implement them in a post-Brexit, multicultural society.


    He explores the areas in which values are translated into action. Including the traditional three of health, housing and education. To these he adds family; the environment; economics and finance; peace-building and international development; immigration and integration. He looks particularly at the role of faith groups in enabling, and contributing to, a fairer future.

  • Details

    Title: Reimagining Britain – Foundations for Hope  

    Author: Justin Welby

    ISBN: 9781472946072

    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Date: 2018