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The Inner Pilgrimage

  • Description

    lucid presentation of the essential teachings on Christian meditation. Laurence Freeman gives simple instructions on how to meditate, explains its significance to the prayer life of the Christian, and describes the stages and fruits of the contemplative journey. This little book is a script of The Journey of Meditation.

    Published as a small booklet it is easily given as a gift tucked away in a coat pocket for those mements in between.... It is also an excellant follow-up to the basic teaching found in his book Christian Meditation Your Daily Practice. It could also be used effectively in conjunction with the DVD and the CD The Journey of Meditation by Laurence Freeman.

  • Details

    Title: The Inner Pilgrimage: The Journey of Meditation
    Author: Laurence Freeman OSB
    ISBN: 9781933182544
    Publisher: Medio Media
    Date: 2007