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The Splash of Words

  • Description

    For those who know they enjoy poetry, and those for whom it is just a memory from schooldays, here is a rich feast that enables us to rediscover poetry's power to startle, challenge and reframe our vision. Like throwing a pebble into water, a poem causes a 'splash of words' whose ripples can transform the way we see the world, ourselves and God.


    The Splash of Words argues that belief in poetry is vital for understanding that God is in the world as poetry is in a poem. It includes 40 poems from contemporary poets, as well as poems from earlier generations. Each is accompanied by a reflection, based on a deep understanding of poets and their art, which explores why poetry is vital to faith and how scripture, liturgy and theology are all poetry in motion.

  • Details

    Title: The Splash of Words: Believing in Poetry

    Author: Mark Oakley

    ISBN: 9781848254688

    Publisher: Canterbury Press

    Date: 2017