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Living into a new way of being: spending time with St Francis

19 Oct 2018

Naming God: who we are before God

This is the second of three talks given for a St Francis Day retreat this year at the Church of the Resurrection, Mount Macedon.



Praises of God


1.         you are holy, the only God who does wonder

2.         you are strong

3.         you are great

4.         you are the most high

5.         are all-powerful

6.         you holy father, king of heaven and earth

7.         you are three and one, Lord God of gods

8.         you are the good, all good, supreme good, Lord God living and true

9.         you are love

10.       you are wisdom

11.       you are humility 

12.       you are patience

13.       you are beauty

14.       you are meekness

15.       you are security

16.       you are quietude

17.       you are joy and gladness

18.       you are our hope

19.       you are justice

20.       you are temperance

21.       you are all our riches at sufficiency

22.       you are beauty

23.       you are meekness

24.       you are the protector

25.       you are the guardian and the defender

26.       you are our strength

27.       you are our refuge

28.       you are our hope

29.       you are our faith

30.       you are our charity

31.       you are our sweetness

32.       you are our eternal life

33.       Great and wondrous Lord God almighty merciful saviour


The Praises of God, or chartula as Br Leo (a close Brother of St Francis) called it, was written on a piece of goat skin parchment about 10cm wide by 13.5cm high. This poem is in halting Latin with dark brown ink and laid out over sixteen lines. On the other side again in Caroline minuscule script is the rendering of a blessing from the Book of Numbers: