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Australian Anglican Church Calendar

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A new edition

Welcome to the 30th edition of the Australian Anglican Church Calendar (AACC), now revised and updated! 


After three decades, Robin Page continues to be our photographer. As soon as possible, after the many  lockdowns due to the pandemic, he has once more taken to travelling around Australia with his wife Jenny in pursuit of that special and magnificent shot of a different Anglican Church in each state.


The Australian Anglican Church Calendar now includes:

  • All the Minor Feast Days of the Church as listed in the 2023 lectionary.

  • Colour-coded liturgical seasons.

  • An explanation of each church written by parishioners.

  • A Bible Quote thought for the month.

  • Updated contact details for the Diocesan Offices.


We have kept this as close to past practice as possible. However, general sales (that is, sales not direct to Anglican parishes or institutions) must now include GST. This means two separate order forms.

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Social Media

The AACC is also on Facebook. Please 'like us', enjoy the news and photos and help spread the word about Australia's find Anglican church heritage. 

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