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Hello dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting this page. I’m a writer of short non-fiction stories, prayers and reflections. Carol O’Connor has invited me to offer some to St Peter's Bookroom website.

Collects in a time of virus

In the last couple of weeks, I have been writing ‘collects’ –  an ancient form of short prayer which addresses an aspect of the Divine and makes a plea. I learnt this practice in a workshop with my friend, Pádraig Ó Tuama, last year. ‘Collects’ gather up our prayers and state them in a terse brief form. There have been so many generous and beautiful offerings of artistry, love and kindness in this awful time of Corvid19. These form part of my offering and more will follow, so please visit again. 

Holy One who is poet and potter,
Whose breath shapes word across water,
Whose hand draws life from mud.
Release in us songs that hum
Let tiny intimacies blossom into lyric pathways
Lend our ears a deep listening 
Which hears the earth itself vibrate with music.

Collects may be used freely if you acknowledge the authorship of Julie Perrin (2020). Please use/quote this link: tellingwords.com.au/blog

Telling Words

In this period of isolation, we also have a unique opportunity to notice our lives in a new way. So, I thought I would link you to some stories from my book Tender (MediaCom, 2019). These are stories that lean towards kindness and are listed on my Blog 'Telling Words' which you can access from this page.  

I have a friend in the ministry who describes the Kingdom of God as ‘the Kindness’. And, I think there are many luminous moments, in ordinary life, where kindness reveals God-with-us.

Right now, much creativity is being shown by expressing love and neighbourliness-at-a-distance, as we adjust to the necessary isolation during Covid19. 

Tender: stories that lean into kindness


Perhaps in reading some stories from Tender, you will recall, and notice again, moments of kindness in your own life and interactions with others.

I hope you enjoy the readings. You can find soundfiles of readings from Tender if you scroll down in the section immediately below my signature.

Julie Perrin