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Canticle of the Creatures

The Canticle of the Creatures

Lord above, source of all goodness:

praise, glory and honour and blessing.

You alone are God, unnameable

to all your created people.

Praise You, my beloved Maker,

especially Brother Sun, bringer of day

whose light is radiant and beautiful,

so like You, beloved of us all.

Praise You, in Sister Moon, and her stars

formed in clarity, precious jewels of night.

Praise You, for Brother Wind, for his air, serenity,

for clouds, for his climate which sustains us.

Praise You, in Sister Water, unlimited purposes,

she is humble and precious and pure.

Praise You, in Brother Fire, illuminating night,

beautiful, jocular, robust and strong.

Praise You, for our Mother and our Sister Earth,

who nourishes us, governs us, offers flowers and herbs.

Praise You, for those who carry sickness and

suffering graced in your love.

Blessed are those who advocate peace,

You exult and crown them.

Praise You, dear Lord, in Sister Death, for mortality,

she accompanies each one of us.

Grief in those who die not knowing You.

Blessed are those who die in You

for the second death will do them no harm;

to be only in You is life itself.

Trans. Carol O’Connor

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