For God so Loved the World

For God so loved the world -

that She invented the first ray time of creation.

When the lowering gaze of the sun’s rays

and its rising moon over a new land

becomes a blessing for the world as one.

A time when gum trees scorched by fire

take a long drink from melting snows,

the echidna roles herself into a ball waiting for sleep

as the robin clears her throat in preparation for this day’s melody.

For God so loved the world -

that He gave us time in rhythm and season,

a light we could take responsibility for;

a darkness still haunting, but deepening

our souls and yearning for healing.

Gave us portals of safe harbour to view from;

networks and routers, and interconnected media devices

so the length of day could be measured by listening,

prayer time, sharing the act of living into light time.

For God so loved the world -

that they gave us this richness of learning.

For its not the coming together of continents through

invisible waves of global communication speaking,

but wisdom, found in a stable at Christmas,

a love for everyone, near and far, in day and at night:

endless compassion for the poor, the refugee, the lonely,

endless inclusion for the LGBT+, the depressed, the bipolar.

In the first ray time of creation, all find a place at the table.

Carol O’Connor