A Faith To Live By Vol II

A Faith To Live By Vol II

  • If Christianity is to continue to be a major force in the world it must be clear in both its message and practice that God is a God of love, compassion and justice who can transform lives. This collection of 31 interviews, and a reflection on Pope Francis’ spirituality, present such a vision.


    The book provides insights into particular prayer and meditation practices and experiences of the transcendent, and offers hope and wisdom on the great moral issues of our time such as climate change and poverty. It also offers insights into how to understand and dialogue with those of other faiths, particularly Islam.


    It confronts such questions as ‘Why does God allow suffering and evil to exist?’ while also demonstrating there is a rational and compelling basis for belief.


    It also reflects on the future of the Church, and includes interviews with some leading women in Christian leadership.

  • Title: A Faith to Live By Vol II What an intelligent, compassionate and authenti 21st century Christian faith looks like

    Author: Ed by Roland Ashby

    ISBN: 9780648376538

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing

    Date: 2018