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A Friendly Guide to Jesus

A Friendly Guide to Jesus

  • This book presents a search for answers to questions about Jesus, who he was and who he is for us today. It also looks at how faith in Jesus can help us to understand what really matters, what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how we can live happily and well as Christians.

    The book features the outstanding artwork of Jan Hynes, depicting the Christ story in remarkable urban scenes. Andrew Hamilton takes the reader on a journey to discover meaning, incorporating story and art, maps, charts, scripture guides and information boxes.

    This book is ideal for students and teachers and will be an invaluable resource to supplement the religious education program. Similarly, parish groups, RCIA teams and candidates or anyone wanting to improve their understanding of the life and mission of Jesus will find this text indispensable.

  • Title: A Friendly Guide to Jesus

    Series: Friendly Guide

    Author: Andrew Hamilton SJ

    ISBN: 9781920721978

    Publisher: Garratt Publishing

    Date: 2011

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