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A Friendly Guide to Paul

A Friendly Guide to Paul

  • Controversial. Demanding. Misunderstood. But above all things, a champion of Christian Love......of all the apostles, the figure of Paul requires critical attention and focussed understanding for so many reasons. Not the least of which being that his central Mission - that of bringing the Good News of Christ's message to ALL mankind - was so pivotal in the growth of Christianity as a global body of believers and a Church.

    This book is a voyage, not as perilous a voyage as the many taken by Paul during his lifetime, but of similar importance for the reader. Here is a man faith-filled and energetic, courageous and driven; but also a man of his time and place, a letter writer addressing very specific concerns of an ancient people during the birth pains of a belief system, easy for the modern Bible reader to become troubled by.

    Did he oppose marriage? Was he a misogynist? Why did he appear to become so spiteful and enraged? This is a voyage deep into the past to better understand the present and to find a path into the future.

  • Title: A Friendly Guide to Paul

    Series: Friendly Guide

    Author: Chris Monaghan

    ISBN: 9781921946998

    Publisher: Garratt Publishing

    Date: 2013

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