A Friendly Guide to the New Testament

A Friendly Guide to the New Testament

  • Description

    Frank Moloney explores who wrote the New Testament, how it came down to us in its present form, what the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ meant for his followers, St Paul and the early Christians and how we can use the New Testament to deepen our faith.

    This book will help bring the richness of the Bible word into the lives of ordinary believers. Attractively presented with surprising gems, it is engaging and nurturing. Like all titles in the Friendly Guide series, this book is bursting with colour and creativity featuring photographs, icons, maps, charts, summary boxes and original artwork.

  • Details

    Title: A Friendly Guide to the New Testament
    Author: Francis J Moloney SDB
    ISBN: 9781920721947
    Publisher: Garratt Publishing
    Date: 2010

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