A Friendly Guide to The Old Testament

A Friendly Guide to The Old Testament

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    The Old Testament represents the Sacred Scriptures of two major world religions, but also a fascinating and engaging story of an ancient people that has had unparalleled influence over western culture as a whole. The version you have is probably in a modern English, and reasonably easy to read, if not always to follow; and therein can lie a danger...
    This Friendly Guide will unpick some of the knots that can arise from reading the Old Testament without knowing some of the background material, such as: who wrote it? When? And why?

    In accessible language, come to grips with this startling series of Books we call the Old Testament, taking into account all the cutting edge contemporary historical and cultural research. 

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    Title: A Friendly Guide to the Old Testament
    Author: Marie Turner
    ISBN: 9781921946974
    Publisher: Garratt Publishing
    Date: 2013

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