A man called Johnny Mac

A man called Johnny Mac

  • The untimely death in June 2014 of Bishop John McIntyre of Gippsland deprived the Anglican Church of Australia of a rare prophetic voice. He spoke out powerfully on behalf of Indigenous people, asylum seekers, gay people, the victims of war and conflict, the disadvantaged, and the environment.

    A man whose heart lay with the alien and the outsider, he challenged the church to become a more inclusive, open-hearted and prayerful community fully engaged with contemporary society.

    In this selection of his synod charges, addresses, sermons and reflections, his courageous voice lives on.

  • Title:  A man called Johnny Mac: Selected writings of Bishop John McIntyre

    Editor: Muriel Porter 

    ISBN: 9781925208948

    Publisher: Morning Star Publications

    Date: 2015