A New Exile?

A New Exile?

  • Over the past few decades, seismic shifts have changed the contours of the Anglican Church in Australia.

    • Numbers of rural dioceses are scarcely viable.
    • Major city centres are struggling under the pressures of urban growth and multiculturalism.
    • Harsh conservative forces are threatening the historic inclusive comprehensiveness of Anglicanism, partly in reaction to the ordination of women.
    • Fear and anxiety about the churchs future is crippling the leaderships response.

    A New Exile? documents what has been happening, and poses the difficult question: what is the future for Anglicanism in Australia?

  • Title: A New Exile?: The Future of Anglicanism

    Author: Muriel Porter

    ISBN: 9781925208771

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing

    Date: 2015