A Reckless God?

A Reckless God?

  • Description

    • What sort of God would create such an unimaginably vast and beautiful universe?
    • What sort of God would create humanity with such extraordinary power of creation and destruction?
    • What sort of God would create a world full of life yet plagued by earthquakes and genetic disorders?

    In the words of one of this book’s authors, the Christian God is the loving, “reckless” God who, like the devoted father of the prodigal, risks himself for the sake of relationship. This book ponders the wonders of a universe that has given birth to life—and the challenges facing human beings made in the image of a “reckless” God.

  • Details

    Title: A Reckless God?

    Author: Edited by Roland Ashby, Chris Mulherin, John Pilbrow and Stephen Ames

    ISBN: 9780648453703

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing

    Date: 2018