A Year of Grace

A Year of Grace

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    Most of us think that theology is what you do if you haven't got a life. At best, we think it needs to be practical to be of any use. But theology is in fact all about life and how we live it as God's people. No matter how theology-phobic you feel, David Hoyle is here to help.

    Using the familiar pattern of the church year, he explores the core building blocks of Christian theology, and what each one means for how we live. He covers:

    - God as ruler and judge of all (Advent)
    - The incarnation (Christmas)
    - Forgiveness (Ash Wednesday)
    - Redemption (Good Friday)
    - Resurrection (Easter Day)
    - The Holy Spirit (Pentecost)
    - God as creator (Trinity)
    - The kingdom of heaven (All Saints)

    By working through the entire year, readers will explore all the core Christian beliefs found in the Apostle's Creed, making this an ideal guide for anyone wanting to better understand what they say in church.

  • Details

    Title: A Year of Grace: Exploring the Christian Seasons
    Author: David Hoyle
    ISBN: 9781786220332
    Publisher: Canterbury Press
    Date: 2019

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