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Amazing Animal Journeys

Amazing Animal Journeys

  • Did you know that Arctic terns have the longest migration of all birds, flying from the Arctic to Antarctica and back each year? Or that the wildebeest migration in east Africa is so vast it can be seen from outer space?

    Come along on these amazing animal journeys! Perfect for readers aged 7+ who delight in learning about the animal kingdom and the world around them.

    A beautifully illustrated title chock-full of fascinating animal facts from our bestselling, CBCA award-winning Tasmanian children's author/illustrator, Jennifer Cossins, that focuses on 25 animal species from Australia and around the world with intriguing migration journeys.

  • Title: Amazing Animal Journeys
    Author: Jennifer Cossins
    ISBN: 9780734421432
    Publisher: Lothian Children's Books
    Date: 2022

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