Another Christ - Re-Envisioning Ministry

Another Christ - Re-Envisioning Ministry


    Another Christ dares clergy and Christian leaders to be subversive in their prophetic and countercultural witness, following in the footsteps of Jesus who was gutsy, provocative and forever breaking out of boxes and titles.

    Growth in Christlikeness is a goal for all Christians, especially for those in leadership. But certain images of Christ have become the institutional norm. They relate to a model of pastoral ministry that sometimes fails to allow for innovation or eccentricity. In this riveting book, Andrew Mayes explores how the first-century setting of Jesus reveals his identity as builder, hermit, rebel, mystic, reveller, jester, iconclast, revealer and enigma, liberator, traveller, and mentor, brother and trailblazer. The author powerfully conveys how these images can inspire us to re-imagine ministry today.



    Title: Another Christ - Re-envisioning ministry

    Author: Andrew D Mayes

    ISBN: 9780281072460

    Publisher: SPCK Publishing

    Date: 2014

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