But what if she’d said ‘No’?

But what if she’d said ‘No’?

  • Description

    But What If She’d Said ‘No’? – Backstories to the Bible contains fifteen stories, all but one of which relate to events described in the Bible.


    They include creation, the plagues of Egypt, David and Goliath, Jonah, the Annunication, the feeding of the five thousand and the events of Holy Week and Easter. Each story is told from the perspective of someone who was either present during the event or who has heard of it from those who were. For example, the plagues of Egypt are seen through the eyes of a small Hebrew boy; two Roman centurions discuss the Easter events. The one story without a biblical basis is a response to Richard Dawkins and the ‘new atheists’.


    The book aims to communicate Christian faith in a medium that is attractive to those who do not read formal theology or are hesitant about reading the Bible, both Christians and non-Christians.


  • Details

    Title: But what if she’d said ‘No’? Backstories to the Bible.

    Author: Cathy Laufer

    ISBN: 9780648376552

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing

    Date: 2018

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