The Case for the Psalms

The Case for the Psalms


    From the earliest times, the Psalms were the daily lifeblood of Christians.  Yet in much of Christian practice today, these ancient worship songs and poems have become largely ignored.  This neglect has dire consequences, since for the millennia the Psalms have been a primary source of spiritual nurture and learning for God's people.  In The Case for Psalms, top Bible scholar N.T. Wright urges all Christians, for the sake of both our personal and collective spiritual health, to return the church's original hymnbook to the center of our spirituality.  By both personal example and analysis, Wright helps us to understand and reconnect with these vital spiritual treasures.



    Title:  The Case for the Psalms
    Author:  N T Wright
    ISBN:  9780062230508
    Publisher:  HarperOne
    Date:  2016

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