Church Labyrinths

Church Labyrinths

  • Description

    There is a verifiable Christian labyrinth tradition dating back to the fourth century. It reached its height at Chartres Cathedral in France during the Middle Ages and then went dormant.

    For the past two decades churches have been rediscovering the labyrinth as an effective spiritual tool and reawakening this ancient tradition. This book was written in 2001 and recently updated. It contains five sections.

    The first is a series of questions and answers about church labyrinths, in the style of an interview. The second section is a collection of quotations from a variety of labyrinth books. Third is an annotated bibliography about Chartres Cathedral. Fourth is the reprint of an article by Robert D. Ferré entitled Twelve Reasons Your Church Should Have a Labyrinth. Fifth is a resource section with websites for additional information, including labyrinth builders. This book is one of five volumes in the Labyrinth Archive Series.

  • Details

    Title: Church Labyrinths: Questions and answers regarding the history, relevance, and use of labyrinths in church
    Author: Robert D Ferre
    ISBN: 9780977961276
    Publisher: Labyrinth Enterprises
    Date: 2013

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