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    Many of us long for life to be less rushed and more spacious. We yearn for time to savour life and relationships, and to find ways of putting more space into our decisions and responses.

    The Christian contemplative tradition has been a rich stream of stillness and depth for many centuries and has gifted us with resources to draw on as we seek to find balance and wisdom in uncertain times. This book explores how it is possible, whatever our life stage or calling, to ground ourselves more deeply in God's assurance of our belovedness and to draw on deep wisdom for our lives.

    Ann Siddall has worked with many individuals, groups and congregations over the last 30 years encouraging people and communities to explore more prayerful and reflective lives. She continues to explore how action and contemplation might be integrated in her own life. She does not under-estimate that this can be a struggle, but sees it as a holy struggle and an act of resistance to the speed and superficiality that is present in our culture.

    The book begins by exploring contemplation and what it might look like in contemporary life. It then moves on to describe how contemplation can bring healing, integration and clarity to our own lives, and how it may be woven into our life together as communities, and our engagement in working for peace and justice in the world around us.

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    Title: Contemplate….The invitation to a slower, deeper life
    Author: Ann Siddall
    ISBN: 9781925722109
    Publisher: MediaCom
    Date: 2019

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