Cross in the Heart

Cross in the Heart

  • Description

    The Canterbury Press Lent book for 2021 focuses on the significance of the story at the very centre of Christianity: the crucifixion.

    Samuel Wells writes as a theologian and pastor to explore the cross in the purposes of God and how this act brings about salvation.

    Three sections, each with six short chapters, explore the cross in:

    - the Old Testament (Covenant, Test, Passover, Atonement, Servant, Sacrifice)
    - the Epistles (Forgiveness, Obedience, Foolishness, Example, Reconciliation, Boast)
    - the Gospels (Finished, Judged, Betrayed, Pierced, Forsaken, Mocked)

    Written with characteristic clarity and wearing its considerable learning lightly, A Cross at the Heart of God will give readers a comprehensive understanding of the story at the heart of scripture, the central event in history and a core tenet of the Christian faith.

    A study guide with questions and prayers makes this ideal for Lent groups as well as individual reading.

  • Details

    Title: A Cross in the Heart of God
    Author: Samuel Wells
    ISBN: 9781786222930
    Publisher: Canterbury Press
    Date: 2021

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