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Dearest Sister Wendy....

Dearest Sister Wendy....

  • This book is based on several hundred letters, exchanged on an almost daily basis, during the last three years of Sister Wendy's life. Initially they dealt with lives of saints, the meaning of holiness, and the spiritual life, but they soon expanded into a deep and intimate exchange that encompassed our whole lives, the subject of love, suffering, joy, and the presence of grace in everyday life. For Sister Wendy--by calling and temperament, a hermit--this involved an expansion of her spiritual and emotional horizons that prepared her for her final days.

  • Title: Dearest Sister Wendy....A Surprising Story of Faith And Friendship
    Author: Sister Wendy Beckett and Robert Ellsberg
    ISBN: 9781626984752
    Publisher: Orbis Books
    Date: 2022

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