Dolphin's Leap Hind's Feet

Dolphin's Leap Hind's Feet

  • What exactly is a mystical experience? What does it feel like? What afterglow (or even aftershocks) does it leave you with?

    In Dolphin’s Leap, Hind’s Feet, a contemporary Australian mystic tries to explain himself, to clarify what it is like to be a mystic, to describe the mystical tradition in the church and, significantly, how to become one. He shows us that if we seek to develop authentic spiritual awareness, this will almost always entail a journey, an inner pilgrimage to identify the techniques that work for you and how to use them with regularity.

    This book explores the approaches and disciplines used by teachers of spirituality over the centuries and tries to give an insight into the lived reality of the saints, seers and mystics, including their range and depth.

  • TItle: Dophin's Leap, Hind's Feet - Becoming a Mystic: Journey, Discipline and Practice

    Author: Hedley Beare

    ISBN: 9781925208160

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing

    Year: 2015