Domestic Monastery

Domestic Monastery

  • Description

    A monastery is a place set apart - a place to learn the blessings of powerlessness and that time is not ours but God’s.

    Our home and our duties can, just like a monastery teach us those things.

    In ten brief and powerful chapters, Fr. Ron explores how monastery life can apply to those who don't live in a cloister:

    • Monasticism and Family Life
    • The Domestic Monastery
    • Real Friendship
    • Lessons from the Monastic Cell
    • Ritual for Sustaining Prayer
    • Tensions within Spirituality
    • A Spirituality of Parenting
    • Spirituality and the Seasons of Our Lives
    • The Sacredness of Time
    • Life’s Key Question

  • Details

    Title: Domestic Monastery
    Author: Ronald Rolheiser
    ISBN: 9781640603721
    Publisher: Paraclete Press
    Date: 2019

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