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First Belong to God

First Belong to God


On Retreat with Pope Francis

  • Drawing on the wisdom of Pope Francis and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Austen Ivereigh has written a captivating spiritual guide for our turbulent age.

    Designed as an eight-day Ignatian retreat, First Belong to God serves as a roadmap to deeper discipleship. It does this by focusing on the three foundational forms of belonging: to God, to creation, and to others.

    Structured around the core principles of St. Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises, First Belong to God encapsulates the key aspects of the Francis pontificate: 
    - the essence of being “God-belonging”
    - entities the way God’s mercy challenges our self-reliance
    - the journey to building the Kingdom in the footsteps of Christ
    - heeding the cry of the earth and the stranger
    - striving for fraternity by championing synodality

    Whether you’re embarking on a solitary spiritual expedition or a journey with like-minded individuals, First Belong to God offers the next best thing to a personal retreat with Pope Francis: a full-soul immersion into his wisdom via the classic Jesuit retreat that shaped him so profoundly.

  • Title: First Belong to God: On Retreat with Pope Francis
    Author: Austin Ivereigh
    ISBN: 9781922484895
    Publisher: Garrat Publishing
    Year: 2024

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