• Description

    Every day we hear stories of people caught up in conflict, violence, trauma and abuse, which can affect anyone in any walk of life. Each of us needs to offer forgiveness as well as receive it, but how?

    Designed to accompany everyone on a personal or communal journey of forgiveness, this companion also offers an important resource for all engaged in listening, reconciliation and pastoral care, including clergy, counsellors and spiritual directors. It explores:

    • Why forgiveness is important; 
    • What forgiveness is;
    • Who can forgive;
    • Offering forgiveness;
    • Receiving forgiveness;
    • How communities respond to tragedy;
    • God's forgiveness.

  • Details

    Title: Forgiveness: A practical and pastoral companion
    Author: Anthony Priddis
    ISBN: 9781786221384
    Publisher: Canterbury Press
    Date: 2019

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