God in Public

God in Public


    What has Christianity to do with power? Why must Christians act as the voice of the voiceless? How can speaking of God in public help to create new structures of justice and peace?

    Those are the central questions running through Tom Wright's latest book. Here, he demonstrates the many ways in which faithful interpretation of scripture can throw fresh light on the great political and ethical problems of our day. In God in Public, Tom Wright draws on his years of experience as a member of the House of Lords and as one of our most exciting biblical scholars to produce a compelling book that speaks to everyone who wants to engage, biblically and intelligently, with some of the most pressing issues of our day. (Baroness Cox, House of Lords)



    Title: God in Public - How the Bible speaks truth to power today

    Author: Tom Wright

    ISBN: 9780281074235

    Publisher: SPCK Publishing

    Date: 2016

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