God is With You Every Day


    Here's a reminder for anxious days, lonely days, struggling days: you are not alone. There is One who is always with you, always available, always caring.

    The One who created the universe, who set the world in motion - He is with you. Not just on joyful days. Not just on tough days.God is with you every single day, cheering for you, lifting you up, and drawing you closer to Him. That's the message bestselling author Max Lucado wants you to hear in his latest devotional, God is With You Every Day. Its 365 devotions and scriptures serve as daily, tangible reminders that God is indeed with you every day, every step of the way.



    Title: God is With You Every Day 365-Day Devotional
    Author: Max Lucado
    ISBN: 9780718034634
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson
    Date: 2015