Gospels Speak

Gospels Speak

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    This book takes four fundamental questions of human existence, including the existence of evil and suffering, the pervasiveness of anxiety and fear, the quest for personal meaning, and the issue of whether a sense of purpose is to be found in human history and creation.


    Each of these questions is addressed, in each chapter, to one Gospel to see what it has to offer in the light of the good news revealed in Christ. The first chapter begins with the Gospel of Mark and deals with the question of suffering and evil, Matthew s Gospel in chapter 2 addresses fear and anxiety, John s Gospel in chapter 3 explores issues of personal meaning, and finally Luke s Gospel speaks to the purpose of history and creation.


    The book demonstrates that, despite the gulf lying between our world and the ancient world of the New Testament, each Gospel contains an astonishing wealth of resources and a vibrant hope for our lives today in all their confusion and struggle.


    The Gospels have their own word to speak, but each does so in its own way and from its own perspective. Written by a New Testament scholar, this book aims to uncover that word in each context and for each question, enabling a dynamic interaction between question and answer: between our common human struggles and the diverse words in which God addresses us through the evangelists.

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    Title: The Gospels Speak: Addressing Life's Questions

    Author: Dorothy Lee

    ISBN: 9780809153244

    Publisher: Paulist Press

    Date: 2017

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