Greening of Hope

Greening of Hope


    Melbourne's Festival of Hildegard in October 2012 honoured Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) for her extraordinarily diverse achievements as a writer, healer, musician, prophet and administrator. Over three days, one hundred and twenty people spiralled not only through public lectures and an academic seminar stream but also dramatic re-enactments of scenes from Hildegard's life, workshops on chant, embroidery, manuscript conservation, productive gardening, dance, art, and a labyrinth built of eucalyptus and bracyschome daisies.


    This volume brings together the papers that were presented at the festival. They reflect the depth and diversity of both the occasion itself as well as leading research into Hildegard's life and work. They remind us of Hildegard's gifts and her confidence, shared by participants in the festival, that the greening of hope goes on.



    Title: The Greening of Hope - Hildegard for Australia

    Author: Edited by Katharine Massam and Fotini Toso

    ISBN: 9780995381506

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing, 2016

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