Heaven All Around Us

Heaven All Around Us

  • If living with a deep awareness of God in our lives is important, how do we do it without moving to a monastery? How do we discern and respond to God amidst the places, routines, and relationships of our everyday lives?


    In this book, we go in search of God’s presence in homes and neighborhoods, supermarkets and sporting arenas, workplaces and weekends. Along the way we look for practices that can lead us more deeply into the way of Jesus: activities like cooking and laundry, walking and sleeping, shopping and conversation with friends.


    Throughout, we want to better understand how to make God a central part of our lives, and to hear Jesus’ call to “follow me” more clearly in the world around us.

  • Title: Heaven All Around Us: Discovering God in Everyday Life

    Author: Simon Carey Holt

    ISBN: 9781498278850

    Publisher: Cascade Books

    Date: 2018