Intimate Jesus

Intimate Jesus

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    The first book to to offer a full, frank and academically responsible discussion of Jesus’ experience of sexuality, as revealed in key texts (and subtexts) in the Gospels.

    Intimate Jesus: The sexuality of God incarnate dares to consider the provocative question: how did Jesus, who was fully human, and fully divine, experience human sexuality?

    This is the first book to open up for general readers key questions about Jesus’ experience of human sexuality and his attitude towards it in himself and others. It examines all the relevant sayings and actions of Jesus and others in the Gospels, and explores their first-century cultural context (Jewish, Greek and Roman) in order to better understand the historical Jesus as a fully rounded human being.


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    Title: Intimate Jesus: The Sexuality of God Incarnate

    Author: Andy Angel

    ISBN: 9780281072408

    Publisher: SPCK

    Date: 2017

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