Joining the Angels’ Song

Joining the Angels’ Song

  • Description

    Samuel Wells and Abigail Kocher present 150 new Eucharistic prefaces, one for each Sunday and major holy day of years A, B & C, together with a range for special occasions.


    Aiming to reflect the many dimensions of Christian life, each one is rich in Biblical allusion and seasonal resonance that reflect the scripture readings of the day and the time of year.


    Rather than using abstract theological concepts that fit all occasions, these new prayers are full of vivid, concrete imagery that will help make Eucharistic worship a focused, fresh and engaged time of new discoveries and greater engagement with God.

  • Details

    Title: Joining the Angels’ Song: Eucharistic Prayers for Sundays and Holy Days, Years A, B & C

    Author: Samuel Wells and Abigail Kocher

    ISBN: 9781848258396

    Publisher: Canterbury Press

    Date: 2016

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