Kaleidoscope of Pieces

Kaleidoscope of Pieces


    'Kaleidoscope of Pieces opens up fresh insights into readings offering pastoral and transformative support to those whose self-identification is not heterosexual. These essays do what good theological investigation requires. They both confront and challenge through scholarly investigation. Each essay opens a window, or perhaps to bring more nuanced colour and texture, a different view, like looking though a kaleidoscope, to highlight more of the theological, spiritual and ecclesiological depths in relation to human sexuality, and to homosexuality in particular. The Church as a whole is called in Christ to unfold completely as we live into the life to which we have been called. These essays help us to do just that.'
    - Rt Rev’d Kay Goldsworthy, Bishop of Gippsland


    Title: Kaleidocscope of Pieces: Anglican Studies on Spirituality

    Editor: Alan H CadwalladerISBN:

    ISBN: 9781925232752

    Publisher: Hindmarsh, S. Aust. ATF Press

    Date: 2015

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