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Learning the Language of the Soul

Learning the Language of the Soul

  • How can we describe to others what is happening to us on our spiritual journey? How can we depict the spiritual road that we are taking - experiences of prayer, transitions that we travel through, impediments that we face - and externalize into words the interior experiences?


    In this spiritual lexicon, Andrew Mayes explores creative and inspirational metaphors to equip anyone wanting to communicate effectively about their faith or life of prayer. Learning the Language of the Soul is a handbook that will prove indispensable to spiritual directors, evangelists, and all sharing in the witness of the church today. It will loosen our tongues as we discover images from both the classic Christian tradition and contemporary culture that help us express and develop a spiritual literacy by which we share with others the joys and struggles of the inner life.

  • Title: Learning the Language of the Soul - A Spiritual Lexicon

    Author: Andrew D. Mayes

    ISBN: 9780814647523

    Publisher: Liturgical Press

    Date: 2016

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