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  • Starting in the first century with St Paul and ending in the twentieth with St Oscar Romero, Rowan Williams invites you to reflect with him on the lives and legacies of twenty great Christians – saints, martyrs, poets, theologians and social reformers. Their stories and writings have profoundly influenced his own life and thought, and this sequence of short reflections is sure to sharpen your theological vision and cast a fresh light on what it means to live and breathe the gospel.

    Included among these 'luminaries' are Augustine of Hippo, William Tyndale, Teresa of Avila, Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Simone Weil,

    Let these brilliant meditations light your way as you follow the footsteps of the faithful who have gone before.

  • Title: Luminaries: Twenty lives that illuminate the Christian way
    Author: Rowan Williams
    ISBN: 9870281082957
    Publisher: SPCK
    Date: 2019

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