Making the Word of God Fully Known

  • Description

    Making the Word of God Fully Known is a collection of essays on church, culture, and mission relevant for the Australian church in honor of the sixty-fifth birthday of Archbishop Philip Freier, archbishop of Melbourne.

    The essays cover aspects of mission strategy, ministry of women, ministry to Australian indigenous people, responding to past history of child sexual abuse, and issues of liturgy and ecclesiology. The target is Australian ministers and laypeople.

    The essays largely come from Melbourne, a richly diverse Anglican diocese and reflect the priorities and strategies of Archbishop Freier’s thirteen years as archbishop.

  • Details

    Title: Making the Word of God Fully Known: Essays in Church, Culture and Mission in Honor of Archbishop Philip Freier
    Author: Ed by Paul A Barker & Bradley Billings
    ISBN: 9781725259089

    Publisher: Wipf & Stock
    Date: 2020