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Mapping Your Spiritual Journey

Mapping Your Spiritual Journey


A Companion and Guide

  • Mapping your spiritual journey is a technique used in spiritual direction, on retreats and pastoral work, as a way of recognising and interpreting God’s presence in the highs and lows of your life experiences.

    This book offers creative ways to explore your own spiritual journey, helping you to trace your relationship with God from the beginning, whether looking at your entire life or exploring significant moments.

    It can be done in multiple creative ways – drawing, collages, timelines, maps, collections of objects or photographs, modelling, journaling, making a garden and more.

    It offers suggestions for ways to reflect on your journey by looking at parallels in the narratives of the Bible and in everyday life and to learn from these how to deepen your understanding of God’s presence and actions in your life. This equips you to look forward and plan your future journey with God with confidence.

  • Title: Mapping Your Spiritual Journey: A Companion and Guide
    Author: Sally Welch
    ISBN: 9781786225436
    Publisher: Canterbury Press
    Year: 2024

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