Thomas Merton and the Celts

Thomas Merton and the Celts


    Thomas Merton and the Celts offers a new lens through which to view Merton's life and spirituality. By examining unpublished letters, notebooks, and taped conferences for the Trappist novices - previously unavailable to the general reader - the author breaks new ground in Merton studies, revealing Merton's growing fascination with his Welsh ancestry, Celtic monasticism, and early Irish hermit poetry. Merton having immersed himself in reading about Celtic Christianity - not just about liturgy, but also about household rituals, illuminated manuscripts, high crosses, and hermit poetry as well - recognized in these ancient hermits who lived on "water and herbs", experienced kinship with creatures, and wrote poems about the birds a mirror of his own desires. Indeed, in a profound way and at a deep level, Merton discovered himself in Celtic Christianity.



    1.Welsh Roots, A. M. Allchin, Nora Chadwick

    2.Eremitic and Cenobitic Monasticism

    3.The Impulse to Pilgrimage -The Voyage of St. Brendan

    4.The Trinity in Nature and the Arts

    5.Contemporary Welsh Poetry and Early Irish Hermit Poetry

    6.Conclusion: A New World Opening Up


    TITLE: Thomas Merton and the Celts : a New World Opening Up

    AUTHOR:  Monica Weis, foreword by Bonnie B. Thurston.

    PUBLISHER:  Pickwick Publications, 2016

    ISBN: 9781498278447

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