Our Last Awakening

Our Last Awakening


    Helpful at periods of personal crisis, though not solely addressed to these times. It is frequently said that our culture is unwilling to talk about death. However, poets ancient and modern, Christian and non-Christian, do probe aspects of our mortality in a great deal of depth and detail. Rather than being morbid, it is realistic to face the fact that our time on earth is limited, and that we will all need to deal with bereavement.

    Most of us discover that we achieve an important new perspective on the whole of life when someone dies, and that accompanying the dying can be inspiring as well as exhausting. Our Last Awakening encourages us to retain this heightened awareness and insight, even when we find ourselves, once again, absorbed in the pressures of everyday life.


    Title: Our Last Awakening: Poems in the Face of Death

    Author: Janet Morley

    ISBN: 9780281073542

    Publisher: SPCK Publishing

    Date: 2016

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